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North Ipswich, QLD 4305

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Monday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm
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Welcome to our Ipswich Clinic

Everdent’s clinic is centrally located in North Ipswich, the bustling southeast Queensland region of Australia. We’ve supported thousands of happy clients for more than a decade in achieving successful outcomes. Our qualified, professional Dental Prosthetic Technician and Managing Director Michael Nguyen holds a Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics (BDPros) and Diploma in Dental Technology (DDT).

As experts in the field of dental prosthetics, we deliver the best results to you without hassles, unnecessary errors or delays.

Our experienced, professional and fully-qualified dental prosthetic technicians specialise in providing a complete range of services at our Ipswich clinic, including full and partial dentures, implant dentures, denture maintenance, splints, mouthguards and consultations, and the best end-to-end treatment.

Customer Service

A visit to your dental professional should leave you smiling from ear to ear.

We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality dental prosthetics and ensuring your comfort throughout the experience.


Your smile is your greatest asset. That’s why you should invest in and protect it with experienced, trustworthy professionals.

Our qualified team work with you to protect and enhance your smile.


At Everdent, our professional team are experts in dental prosthetics, delivering high-quality results for you, every time.

Using the latest technology and industry best practices, we bring beautiful, natural and comfortable smiles to every dial.


Our dental prosthetic technicians fit full and partial dentures, replacing all natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

Implant Dentures

We fit secure, fixed implant dentures, which do not need to be removed, to fill the space by lost or missing teeth. They can be a successful, viable alternative to traditional dentures.

Denture Maintenance

Whether your dentures experience damage or fit less comfortably, or you suffer additional tooth decay, Everdent can improve the fit, function and durability of your dentures through repairs, additions and relines.


Everdent provide dental splints, including custom-made bite plates, mouthguards and anti-snoring devices, to ease muscle tension, stabilise the jaw and prevent grinding and clenching.


Our mouthguard solutions ensure you make the best possible choices for your teeth and keep your smile shining bright now and in the future. Protect your teeth and jaw from fracture and damage, and reduce the likelihood of concussion in sports.


If you need advice about a custom-made dental prosthetic, get in touch with our professional technicians for a consultation.


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