Mouthguards you can
sink your teeth into

Our mouthguard solutions ensure you make the best possible choices for your teeth and keep your smile shining bright now and in the future.

Mouthguards prevent cuts, bruising, tooth fractures and dislocations by adequately cushioning the teeth. They also protect the lower jaw from impact to prevent fractures and bone damage, as well as from neck and brain injuries.

Serious sporting injuries can negatively impact your future. Choose a custom-made mouthguard to feel comfortable, confident and protected during sport.

Starting from $80 *

Mouthguards for School/Community Sport

Everdent’s custom mouthguards are suitable for everyone playing sport, from primary school right through to university level. Get peace of mind and better protection, fit and breathability. Each mouthguard is custom designed based on impact level, sport, gender and build. And, they are strong and durable, lasting many years with proper care.

Mouthguards for Sporting Teams

Get your season off to a great start with mouthguards for your sporting team. Available in a range of colours and designs, our custom-made mouthguards provide better protection, breathability and fit. Strong and durable, Everdent’s mouthguards are customised to your sport’s impact level and your players’ gender and build. Contact us today to discuss custom mouthguards for your sporting team.

Mouthguards for Athletes

Everdent’s custom mouthguards are for athletes who want better protection, fit and breathability. They are strong, durable and will last many years with the proper care. We design every mouthguard based on impact level, sport, gender and build.


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