Why Choose

Your dental prosthetic technicians.

Everdent brings positive change to people’s lives through unparalleled craftsmanship in dental prosthetics that correct, protect, and enhance oral health. We are committed to exceptional customer service and quality workmanship.

Impressions and Fittings

Many customers visit our clinic for our experienced dental prosthetic technicians to complete accurate, efficient impressions and moulds. We’ll also ensure your new prosthetic fits comfortably when you attend our clinic or your dental clinician’s practice.

This flexibility eliminates time, stress and complications so you can focus on living a happy, healthy life without hesitation.


New dental prosthetics can be an adjustment. While Everdent takes every measure to ensure the comfort and correct fit of your dentures and other prosthetics, sore spots and ulcers can arise as the mouth adjusts. We support you throughout the entire journey, including aftercare and appointments, with an uncompromising level of personal care and attention.


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