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Dental prosthetists work as independent practitioners in the assessment, treatment, management and provision of removable dentures; and flexible, removable mouthguards used for sporting activities. The education requirement for a graduate dental prosthetist is a minimum two-year full-time education program approved by the National Board. The prerequisite for entry is a Diploma of Dental Technology.

Dental prosthetists may take impressions and records required for the manufacture of various types of splints; sleep apnoea/anti-snoring devices, immediate dentures and immediate additions to existing dentures. These procedures require written referrals to and from dentists and any appliance or device manufactured under such arrangement must be planned, issued and managed by the treating dentist.

Dental prosthetists are educated and trained in a program of study approved by the National Board to provide treatment for patients requiring implant retained overdentures and must enter into a structured professional relationship with a dentist before providing such treatment.


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