Denture repairs

If you experience a broken or damaged denture, you can get it repaired quickly; ill-fitting dentures can prevent your patients from eating properly and can cause pain or damage to the gums and mouth. Whether your dentures need a light correction or a major change, our expert prosthetists repair dentures quickly and to the highest quality. We deliver functional, fitted dentures to restore your smile’s look and function.

All denture repairs are made with start-of-the-art materials and equipment in our full-service laboratory. We pride ourselves on delivering the latest materials, techniques and technologies.

Denture additions

When you’ve finally completed your smile with a partial denture, it can be frustrating to suffer additional tooth decay and require an additional tooth to be added. Your partial denture may be eligible for an addition. While there’s no simple yes or no answer, Everdent can assess and determine whether or not a denture addition is appropriate for your partial denture.

Our experienced dental prosthetic technicians consult with you, and make a decision based on the denture’s material, the position of the additional tooth and the condition of remaining teeth, providing the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your situation.

Denture Relines

While dentures are built to be durable, they do experience natural wear and tear. Additionally, you may experience changes to your dental tissue and mouth. Relining dentures keeps them secure and functional.

This process replaces the lining of dentures so they fit comfortably and correctly. Our experienced technicians diagnose and assess dental conditions to confirm suitability for a denture reline. If your denture stops fitting correctly, we recommend you do not keep wearing it or attempt to repair it yourself. Book an appointment with Everdent.


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