Maximum results, minimum hassle.

Dental occlusal splints are a great solution to treat joint bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders.

Everdent uses using state-of-the-art digital software and technology methods to design and manufacture splints efficiently and accurately. Our technicians manage the entire workflow, from scanning and design, to production and fitting. Our advanced dental technology allows us to design all occlusal splint types.

We also produce conventional (hand-made) splints to alleviate pain and prevent further destruction of healthy dentition among bruxing and grinding patients. They are nearly invisible to wear and self-adjusting for increased patient comfort.

Digital Splint Manufacturing

We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality dental prosthetics and ensuring your comfort throughout the experience. Digital splints are manufactured using intra-oral scanning and software, and 3D printers with aesthetic colours to match your teeth and gums, balancing minimum material thickness and the slimmest designs possible for your comfort.

Conventional Splint Manufacturing

Everdent technicians take impressions and use the latest, highest-quality technology and techniques to manufacture dental splints to ensure a close, accurate fit. The material stability and composite formulation means fewer adjustments and easy repairs, when required.

Enjoy the optical clarity, wearability, and comfort with designs optimised for strength and stability.


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