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Oral appliances are one of the most effective ways to treat mild or moderate sleep apnoea and snoring. These devices look similar to a mouthguard, which patients can insert before going to sleep and remove afterwards. They push the lower jaw forwards to open the airways, reducing the risk of vibration and snoring.

Anti-snoring devices typically provide immediate relief from sleep apnoea by facilitating continuous positive airway pressure, improving patients’ sleep quality.

Anti-Snoring Device Manufacturing

Each individual’s mouth and teeth are different. So, a one-size-fits-all device won’t provide the relief patients need. In fact, poorly fitted devices can cause discomfort, particularly as they are worn for long periods of time throughout sleep.

Everdent takes impressions of patients’ teeth and creates a custom appliance, which can then be fitted and adjusted accordingly – moving the jaw forward in a way that is effective, but still comfortable. The device features a screw adjustment to allow further fine-tuning of the position over the following weeks, which you or Everdent’s dental prosthetic technicians can supervise.

When fitted correctly, it works well to reduce snoring and provide relief.


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