Our smiles impact our quality of life, appearance, the way we speak, eat and talk, as well as our confidence and self-esteem. Completing your smiles with comfortable, custom-made dentures provides numerous positive benefits in daily life.

Full dentures are worn by those who have lost all their teeth in either the upper or lower jaws, or both. The denture replaces these missing natural teeth, sitting on the gum ridges. This provides support to the lips and cheeks, and maintains facial structure. Without dentures, the distance between the nose, mouth and chin can grow smaller over time.

Starting from $1500 *

Full Dentures Materials

Dentures are made using many different materials, such as porcelain and acrylic resin. So which are the best materials to use? Choosing the right materials is important, as it impacts wearability and comfort.

Everdent manually produces the highest-quality, lightweight dentures using acrylic, procelain and metal, all designed to look like natural teeth.

We also produce digital 3D-printed acrylic dentures and digital milling dentures using the latest software and technology, delivering state-of-the-art products with speed, precision, efficiency and lower cost.

Digital Dentures

Traditionally, to create dentures, dental prosthetists take a mould of the teeth and gums, then shape dentures accordingly. This process can take time, and you’ll often need to visit your specialist a number of times to adjust and fit the dentures.

Digital dentures are far less labour-intensive and time-consuming. Everdent uses the latest technology, software and 3D modelling to produce precise, functional dentures.

Digital dentures utilise a digital workflow with advanced technology and software to accurately capture your bite to design the denture base. Everdent’s milled dentures and 3D-printed dentures give you a great fit while eliminating unnecessary back and forth.


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