Everdent provide exceptional natural-looking dentures, using acrylic resin, porcelain, flexible nylon and metal, allowing you to chew, speak and smile confidently again. Our trained technicians custom design dentures to improve your oral health and help you protect your greatest asset: your smile.


Dental splints include custom-made bite plates, mouthguards and anti-snoring devices, fitting between and over the upper and lower teeth. These help you ease muscle tension and stabilise the jaw – preventing grinding and clenching.


Our mouthguard and denture solutions ensure you make the best possible choices for your teeth and keep your smile shining bright now and in the future.


If you need advice about a custom-made dental prosthetic, get in touch with our professional technicians for a consultation.

Suppliers and Technology

Everdent produces the highest-quality, lightweight dentures, splints and mouthguards using acrylic resin, porcelain, flexible nylon and metal, all designed to look like natural teeth.

We also produce digital 3D-printed acrylic dentures using the latest software and technology, delivering state-of-the-art products with speed, precision, efficiency and lower cost. Contact us to learn more.


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