Step into the future of dental care with our TRIOS Smile Design and Treatment Simulator.

Get a photorealistic preview of how your smile can transform, giving you the power to make informed decisions about your dental treatments with confidence. Don’t wait any longer; book your consultation today and take the first step towards a smile that lights up your life.

Transform your Smile with TRIOS

Discover new ways to see your smile transform with TRIOS 3. It’s so intuitive that you’ll marvel at how this high-tech, AI-driven tool goes beyond capturing just your teeth—it captures your reality.

Experience unparalleled detail and accuracy right before your eyes, instantly on the screen. Beginning your dental journey has never been easier.

Treatment Simulator

Experience the magic of TRIOS Smile Design, a revolutionary service that crafts your beautiful new smile in just minutes. Using a simple photo of your face, we create a stunning, photorealistic preview of your post-treatment smile.

The TRIOS Treatment Simulator is a dental tool that helps you understand the potential results of dental treatment by comparing your current state with the expected outcome. The TRIOS 3 app is also available to complement this experience and provide you with more interaction with the treatment process.

It includes innovative tools like visualising a virtual design of your future smile, tracking changes over time and simulating the orthodontic and dental treatment process. These tools support and inform you at every step towards achieving your perfect smile.

Realistic Tooth Colours

Experience precision in every detail with our advanced scanner, designed to effortlessly create accurate scans with realistic colours. The natural hues of teeth and gums are captured so vividly that it not only impresses but also simplifies the colour-matching process for your dental treatments.

Tooth Restorations

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes further with the introduction of Dynamic Occlusion through TRIOS Patient Specific Motion. This innovative feature captures your unique bite, incorporating detailed occlusion information. The result? Restorations that fit more perfectly than ever before, enhancing your comfort and happiness with every smile.


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Visit our clinic

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Step 3:
Receive your prosthetic

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